Hey! I'm Jake.


I'm a software developer.

I focus on making web apps, but I'm fascinated by everything related to the machine you're reading this on.
I also dabble in dancing, tinkering, comedy, writing (oh great, another blogger...), and being addicted to the internet.
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This app was developed for a tree genetics lab I worked for while attending UC Davis
Its a tool for studying population genetics, which leverages the Google Maps API
to display tree samples all over the world with corresponding phenotypic and genotypic data.
Its powered by PHP on the backend and Backbone.js on the frontend.


Short for "Project Tracking system", this is an interface for customers of the Mouse Biology Program of UC Davis.
Primarily for lab efficiency analytics its also for customers to track their orders for mice, sperm, or embryos with a specific genetic mutation.
Its powered by REST PHP API on the backend and a mixture of jQuery and vanilla javascript on the frontend.


(Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center) is a cart-based shopping application for various phenotyping services the Mouse Biology Program of UC Davis provides
Its powered by REST PHP API which cURLs external resources on the backend and a mixture of jQuery and vanilla javascript on the frontend.

CGP Annotator

(Center for Genomic Pathology) of the CCM (Center for Comparative Medicine) UC Davis.
This app provides links to whole slide images of mice and human cancerous tissues
Researchers can annotate images with descriptions to aid in learning pathology and clinical diagnosis
Its powered by the Pyramid Python Framework on the backend and jQuery on the frontend.

D3 Search Collapsible Tree

This was an open source contribution/addition to a D3.js demo: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4339083
I used it as an internal, employee organization chart as well.
Its powered entirely by D3.js


This is a beta version of a side project I started in August 2015.
Basically, a re-working of liveabetes, a hackathon project I was involved in 2013
Its a personal diabetes tracking app, which integrates chat and notifications for loved-ones.
Its powered by Node.js and Firebase on the backend and React.js on the frontend.


Another hackathon/side-project
Basically a "meetup" for street dancers.
Its powered by Node.js and Firebase, using Browserify + NPM for building


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